Malcolm Wilson - My awakening...

It's the 18th October 2014 and I have it all. The big house, the high-flying career, the car, the kids, the ocean view….

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I'm also pinned against the back wall of the second storey of my elevated 5 bedroom home in Eastbourne. The anxiety tears through me and all I can think of is "jump, jump, jump." I don't want to jump but I know it's a matter of time before I do and it's a very long drop from the second storey deck. I'm confronted with an absolute. Change my life or die.

I choose change. And within less than 12 hours the perfect life I have painstakingly constructed is over.

In retrospect, I should have seen it coming. I'd been suppressing my spiritual side for 16 years, and running from my childhood for much longer. I didn't want to know. I just wanted to fill the hole.

But facts are facts, and the facts were these. I'd been taken under the wing of my Grandmother for the first six years of my life and taught to cherish nature. I'd watch her go into trances and speak in what I now know is light language. People would contact her for physical healings. I would hear from others of her casual miracles. She would break into sudden conversations with passed ones or beings. My reading requirements from her were ancient mythologies and esoteric teachings. She taught me constantly, and at her funeral, I promised to continue her work and the work of our ancestors.

We don't get to break promises like that.

I barely remember the next 6 months after I chose change. I know I gridded my corner office with crystals and surprisingly didn't lose my job. I scared people by knowing things and could feel everybody's emotions. By the time I ended up in a realm to a to meet the holder of my Akashics, I felt like a power circuit plugged into the universe. The ultimate confirmation came when I slammed back into my body with such physical force that I needed seven weeks of osteopathy, and with such energetic force that all of the lightbulbs exploded around me. I didn't even know what Akashics were but I couldn't mistake the broken glass.

I finally asked for help and it came. A huge voice, I would later identify as Metatron, started giving me directions. I followed them, and the right people appeared. I literally owe the people at the beginning of this journey my life.

The first person ran a workshop in Lower Hutt. It was there where I found people who experienced similar things. It felt like home and I forged connections which still exist to this day including my my current partner and one of my best friends.

The second person had been my friend for years. She held space while I astral travelled, cleared cemeteries, and cried buckets. She was in the room when we cleared a poltergeist. She believed in me when I didn't believe my eyes.

The third was a homeopath who gave me a remedy. The next day a Transition Angel appeared and took me up the tunnel to the other side. It's face was electricity, it's name ancient and unpronounceable. I connected to everything and saw the maps of the stars, the earth,and multiple dimensions all as one gigantic equation. I sensed a room full of council members that I now am allowed to visit, but at the time was obscured from me. In this moment, my fear of death collapsed. I knew beyond all earth knowledge there was more than just this life.

I spent days drawing what I saw and eventually just asked for peace. I remember the Angel coming back and passing out. I remember pinpoint headaches and sparks of light in my physical brain for the next two weeks. I drew a map of the pinpricks and was astonished to find a picture of Metatron's cube online and to find the picture of my rewiring pattern matched it exactly.

The final stage of my Awakening was when Metatron's voice directed me to Pinnacle Books. There I met two people and picked up the book that would change my life. It was 10th March, 2015 at 1:36PM and the first woman had appeared to me in London as a vision many years earlier. Her name was identical to the vision, as were her looks. The second woman was behind the counter. The book had, ironically, been recommended to me by my now ex-wife 20 years earlier. It was a book of hypnotherapeutic case studies about the afterlife "Journey of Souls" by Dr. Michael Newton, and I read it in one sitting. I had spent six months in darkness and suddenly the lights were back on.

From here, everything took off. I flew backward and forward to Melbourne for a year to study hypnotherapy, choosing a school created by the President of The Newton Institute. The school was professional, ethical, academic, experiential, and really hard work, and I still had a day job and childcare arrangements to navigate. Meanwhile, people poured into my life and my spiritual experiences went stratospheric. I learned how to astral travel, heal people remotely, and became increasingly telepathic, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognizant, able to channel source and others, and able to leave my body and travel to multiple realms at will. I still felt everything from everybody but somehow knew what was mine and what wasn't. I faced my shadow again and again until it was integrated. I released trauma upon trauma and eventually qualified so I could help others do the same.

This is my purpose now. To help people awaken, activate, navigate, heal, remove blocks, live their life purpose, and step into their power.

And perhaps that's all there has ever been to my awakening journey. I went through everything so I could be of service to others. My goal these days is to simply help others navigate their awakenings and traumas so that they may live their highest potential on this earth. I do that as a Hypnotherapist, at The Awakening Circles, and through other events that The Voice tells me to run.

On the surface, not much has changed. I'm a family man, with a partner, and a house in the suburbs with an ocean view. I have bills to pay and mouths to feed so I charge for my services even though they're often mystical. I believe in helping people achieve tangible results and I give my all to that as a Hypnotherapist. I have multiple projects on the go like I always have, and somewhere in there I'm a Dad to the kids and have even maintained a friendship with my ex-wife.

However, I now listen to the voice that guides me and accept my spiritual and mystical side without question. I've learned to accept that the uniqueness of my gifts is that different abilities come and go depending on what my clients and I are facing together. I really like that because it's impossible to get to up in your ego about your gifts when they keep swapping themselves around for the benefit of others ;)

Most importantly, I'm at peace and the journey has been worth it. Perhaps that's the one message I hope to offer here to anybody who is having the kind of awakening I did.

It's worth it.

Malcolm Wilson
Clinical Hypnotherapist