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Malcolm Wilson

Clinical and Holistic Hypnotherapist based here in Welly.
My mission in this life is to help people navigate their awakenings, heal and remove blocks, and own their journeys by stepping into their true power and life-purpose.

On a Clinical level, I help people to be free from anxiety, depression, phobias, addictions, compulsions, grief, and all manner of psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual / religious trauma. I also help them navigate the big changes of third dimensional life such as relationship, career change, and the loss of loved ones.

On a Spiritual level, I help people activate their life purpose, awaken and integrate their gifts, connect with passed loved ones and guides, visit past lives, heal ancestral trauma, and journey to numerous realms.

While this sounds simple on the surface, the personal transformations I see every day are tangible, powerful, and profound. I've been honoured to witness spontaneous physical healing's, hold space as lifetimes of trauma finally come to an end, and see seemingly impossible dreams come true.

No words can express what it's like to be of service in this way..

Professionally, I hold a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy from the internationally respected Institute of Hypnoenergetics, Melbourne, Australia. While I know I was guided to become a Hypnotherapist, and have numerous gifts and abilities, I chose this school because of their professional approach and rigorous code of ethics.

Chances are you already sense that you are here to fulfil a unique and powerful purpose as an aligned and individual aspect of Source. You most likely know you're also here to contribute to the awakening of our planet, and having your own personal dreams come true in the process.

My role in life is to help you achieve just that.

If you're ready for your journey and life purpose to meet with my considerable training, professionalism, code of ethics and spiritual gifts, feel free to contact me for a free, confidential, and non-judgmental phone chat.

Own Your Journey.

Malcolm Wilson
Clinical Hypnotherapist
0204 0629768

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From a young age I was drawn to crystals, cards, the moon, and the power of words and touch. It wasn’t until I broke my leg that I chose to take my fascination in all things “alternative” to the next level and began my initiation as a holistic therapy practitioner.

By 2009 I was a Reiki Master and had completed ITEC diplomas in anatomy & physiology, holistic massage and sports massage. I continued my studies in Ayurvedic therapies, trigger point therapy and myofascial release, with a focus on releasing blocked energy in the physical and metaphysical body.

Whilst in Guatemala receiving my yoga teacher training, I was guided to work with the heart-opening spirit of Cacao and was called to sit in circle with more women to listen to their stories. I experienced the warm welcoming womb of true sisterhood for the first time and realised the impact women can have when we empower one another.

After giving birth to my daughter, I became passionate about supporting women through their transition into motherhood and trained as a doula in London with Red Tent Doulas UK. It is such an honour and a privilege to assist women during this sacred time, providing emotional and spiritual support as they (re)awaken to their role as Mama.

My mission is to inspire and empower women to connect to their innate feminine wisdom within, reclaiming all aspects of ourselves as Maiden, Mother and Crone.

Contact Samtosha on 022 5145545 or samziska@gmail.com for more information.

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Lisa Conroy

Box of Chocolates is the whole package – a box of delights that will entice you to reach your highest potential.

A delectable array of delicious treats that includes Empowering Holistic Life & Career Coaching, Reiki healing, Akashic Soul Readings, Indian Head Massage, National and International Wellness & Silent Retreats, Creative wellbeing workshops, Soulsisters FITme Wellness and Detox Programmes, Aromatherapy pamper parties, Spiritual Tours and more…to assist you in living the sweet life you desire and deserve!

Lisa Conroy
Director of Happiness
Box of Chocolates
027 5269224 lisa@boxofchocolates.co.nz

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Melissa Burtenshaw

I’m here to help expand consciousness on the planet in any way I can. I’m a multi-faceted, multi-potentialite, published author/illustrator of Fairytales and Nursery Rhymes for the New Earth, Certified Level 1,2, and 3 Zhineng qigong teacher, channel for creativity, Dream Medicine woman, dream weaver for the collective consciousness, and magical unicorn.

I’m passionate about helping people find inner peace, so that we can in turn create peaceful societies and a peaceful world. I have been been on my journey of personal development for a while now and I’ve explored many modalities of healing such as; yoga, dream work, meditation, qigong, and many other paths to healing.

For more information about my offerings to the collective, check out my website: www.melissaburtenshaw.com
Instagram: @unicorn_from_the_stars

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Gail McJorrow

We are all born with our own unique cellular resonance tuned to the natural harmonic frequency of Mother Earth; we are a symphony of sound, vibration and energy flow. Our body comprises a skeleton made of crystalline, with trillions of cells and various organs, all of which hold a vibration.

Each cell in our body is like a miniature battery holding a negative and positive voltage with the capacity to give off 700 trillion volts in total! We are electrical beings and when fully charged pulse in harmony with the electro-magnetic field of the cosmos - this electrical energy is what keeps our hearts beating and influences our brainwaves that are rhythmic charges of electrical energy, receding and swelling again and again like the waves in the ocean.

If we don’t take the time to meditate and switch off, like a torch that is left on we go flat. Everything in nature has a cycle of rest and growth and if we just keep on keeping on our bodies get out of resonance and this is when illness and ‘dis-ease’ occurs. Think of your crystal sound meditation as a re-charge on an internal cellular level.

The singing bowls are made of pure quartz crystal which has the ability to transform and amplify energy; this is what is used in mobile phones and computers. As a crystal sound therapist it is my responsibility to maintain my highest frequency to carry out healing sessions that have the power to activate profound shifts in my clients as the bowls are a conduit for my energy.

No session is ever the same. Everyone will have their own unique journey. I have had clients with chronic pain cured after just one session. Some clients go out of body and astral travel while others have major life-changing epiphanies at the end of a session. Whatever your experience , every cell and organ in your body will absorb the sounds and vibrations allowing for physical, mental and emotional healing to take place on a deeply, cellular level with lasting benefits.

The amazing feedback I receive is always very humbling. It is my calling to play crystal sound and I look forward to journeying with you.

Please contact me on:
027 258 4726
Email: crystalsoundgypsy@gmail.com
Healing Studio located in Eastbourne
$60 (1 hr private session) Or $80 for group of 4-6 - (1 hour)(Additional $20 for home visit Wellington area)

I can also play at your sacred ceremony – Full Moon Circle/Retreat/ Wedding/Funeral

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Cate Pates

I'm an artist, mother, holder of circles, and an intuitive who is on a journey to reconnect with her wild wise women self. I’ve been making art ever since I could remember, and also been intuitive, able to shift myself into different spaces to connect with guides and animals. I like to create experiences for people with clay, art, circles, inner work and most of all connection. My heart is on a soul connection journey!

I’m originally from England and after 17 years here I now call New Zealand my home. I feel blessed to have three daughters. The birth of my eldest was a catalyst for a healing journey, as I began to explore various healing modalities following a thyroid issue, and then persistent low level adrenal fatigue. It’s been a gradual journey of learning to get into my body fully, to start feeling again, and to love and accept myself and understand my own self worth. I had so much shame, pain and trauma in my body that for most of my life I didn’t want to feel anything. During one weekend workshop I finally had a breakthrough and was able to access that pain and start healing it, and, over the same weekend, my ceramics kiln suffered a fault and overfired, shattering the base kiln shelf. The rest of the kiln was intact which was a clear message to me that it was no coincidence it was the base shelf (the root chakra I had been working on) and also a reminder not to fire my kiln when I’m undergoing big transformational processes! I then took part in many family constellation groups, which is when my wild women inner self really started to rise up, with all the turmoil and ultimately the healing that went with it. So my life is an ever evolving transformation in progress as I explore my journey into self love and acceptance, learning to put myself first, honour my cycles, break out of the constraints of ‘how, who and what I should be’ and just be myself, however messy that looks.

My intention with my circle and workshop events is always to create a safe, nurturing space to experience transformation in whichever way is right for each person. A space for heart connection. An opportunity for their inner Goddess to be seen, acknowledged and reclaimed.

My fb page for my women’s circle and transformation events is https://www.facebook.com/wildunleashing

For clay classes: https://www.facebook.com/figtreeclaystudio