October Full Moon ~ Cosmic Insights


Cosmic Energy Insights 13-27 October 2019

The Aries Full Moon on 13 October brings with it a burst of active and initiating energies which will help us to feel more vibrant and vital. The Full Moon will be conjunct Eris, also in Aries, which will allow us to have some deep realisations about what we are willing to fight for. She will be urging us to speak out about the things we strongly believe in, so if you feel drawn to protest, or any other forms of activism, you will have plenty of company!

Mercury is entering his shadow in Scorpio, which will enable us to reflect on our unconscious and untapped personal power. Mercury will retrograde here and stay in the sign of Scorpio for two months, so be prepared for your self-expression and communications to become more impassioned.

Pluto is in play during this Full Moon, after stationing direct in Capricorn on 3 October, signifying change and transformation both individually and collectively. We also have Jupiter in Sagittarius reminding us of our gifts and to follow our inspiration to enable us to harvest the abundance waiting for us.


The first card I drew for this reading was aptly The Moon, which highlights the effect this full moon will have in raising our consciousness, illuminating that which has been in the shadows. The Full Moon allows us to connect more deeply with our feelings and intuition, but it is also a time when we will see shifts in the collective consciousness.

The Princess of Wands has the tiger by the tail and ascends within a great fiery swirl. We may see ourselves getting swept up by this powerful Aries energy, which will stir our confidence and ambition. Are you ready to push past your fears and take the next step towards your liberation?

Prince of Wands is on his chariot determined to move forward and not be restricted by any negative thoughts or conflicts. This card relates to the Aquarian energy and the desire to think creatively and intuitively. Clarity must be sought for our direction to be free from obstacles and it is our creativity that holds the key.

Shapeshifter shows us that although times may have been challenging recently, we are now in a space of transformation. It is a great time to focus on our passions and gifts, peeling back the layers of our persona that no longer serve us. It is time to unmask our true selves and align with our soul purpose.

Shaman brings the message that it is time to let go of our fear and take back our power! Trusting that our spirit guides and ancestors are with us, guiding us towards the abundance we all deserve.

Make time and space to connect to the innate wisdom you hold within you. Listen. Follow the guidance you receive. By releasing our fears and connecting with our intuition, forward momentum is inevitable. This energy will give us the courage to forge ahead regardless of any restrictions we may encounter.


Ritual Ideas…

- Take a salt bath
- Walk in nature
- Be by the ocean
- B R E A T H E
- Cleanse your crystals
- Write a letter releasing anything from the past month you want to release before the New Moon
- D A N C E under the moonlight

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Samtosha is our intuitive moon goddess, tarot reader providing us with insightful cosmic readings each New and Full Moon ~ Follow her here: https://www.facebook.com/triplemoonmama/