What is ceremonial cacao?

Cacao has been used as a health elixir and gentle ceremonial medicine in Central America as far back as 1900BC. Active ingredients in cacao make it a powerful heart opener that paves the way to transformation through self-love. It can be an opportunity to release emotional, spiritual, and even physical blockages. Pure cacao is used as a heart opening medicine for people to safely experience awakening, revelation and inner healing. Cacao is used in a sacred medicinal ritual, where intentions are set and once consumed, euphoric states are unlocked, negative emotions are released and we are able to connect to ourselves and the loving energy in our body.

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Why is cacao referred to as medicine?

Cacao is an aphrodisiac, mood enhancer, an antioxidant that protects the heart and is densely packed with nutrients, cacao is a nutritional powerhouse, proven to be the most pharmacologically complex food in nature. It can improve your memory, reduce heart disease, shed fat, boost immunity, and create loads of energy.
Cacao contains the neurotransmitters serotonin, tryptophan, and dopamine - the chemicals responsible for feelings of well-being, as well as anandamide, known as the bliss molecule that leaves us feeling blissful and euphoric, moderating pain perception, as well as assisting in regulating appetite and mood.
When high-quality cacao beans are prepared for ceremony, all the mood enhancing neuro-chemicals in cacao become particularly active. It increases blood flow and nutrition to the brain, heart, and skin, and the whole body is nourished. People report heightened awareness, focus, and intensified sensations.

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Chocolate Shaman, Keith Wilson, whose cacao I use, lives in the Mayan highlands of Guatemala and has been working with cacao for over 12 years. He uses cacao for spiritual and shamanic purposes and processes his own cacao under instruction from the “cacao spirit.” Keith refers to cacao as the “food for the shift”. Click the image below to order your own block of Ceremonial Cacao.

Keith's chocolate is 100% pure, ceremonial grade cacao - nothing added, never chemically altered and nothing taken away (except the peels and moldy beans). Cacao is here to open your heart, focus your mind, and energize your spirit to Bring on Your Magic!

Guided by the Cacao Spirit, Keith buys Criollo (“wild” or “native”) cacao which is harvested, fermented and dried by small-scale family farms in the mountain rain-forests of Guatemala’s Pacific coast. This region of Central America was revered by the ancients because it produced the finest ceremonial cacao. It takes significant time and Keith’s precise intention to find beans with both the right energy and flavor. It’s worth the effort, as our product has batch-to-batch consistency others cannot match.